My first Reiki session was amazing and surprising, based on the warmth that was generated from the hands of the practitioners.  It allowed me to release some emotional things which I had encountered and was not handling all that well.  As there was so much energy which was shifting, my good friend was concerned about me driving.  I became aware of how deeply this type of work can affect someone.  
Reiki was a great introduction to my own energy, understanding blocks, balancing Chakras, muscle testing and dowsing.  I found Anna Twinney, who holds Reiki courses for humans and other classes designed for horses.  After participating in these, I was hooked.  I continue to volunteer with a group of energy healers for a local rescue.  I have learned numerous things from my interaction with the people in this group and the horses. 


Group Reiki:
I participate in a small volunteer group who offers various energy work to a local horse rescue.  With this group, I have enjoyed many experiences and very neat observations.  As the horses become familiar with the energy work, they will “select their people / energy” when allowed.  Horses can move in / out as needed and gain what they would like. 
I became aware of this modality post a riding accident.  During the sessions, I gained an appreciation for how the energy moves, pulses and where the release in my body and energy flowed.  This work takes 24 – 72 hours to settle into the new pattern, pending how deep the release is.


I have completed an intro to Equine Cranial Sacral course with Susan Crawford, Upledger trained in 2013, this method has helped me personally recover from an L4 injury and has aided both my horses over the years.  She has helped me become aware of the energy shifts which this modality can offer. 
While I have not directly practiced Masterson techniques on myself, I have witnessed the releases in the horses over the years.  I recall the first time I saw Jim Masterson work, at the MN Horse Expo.  He was working with a horse and the bladder meridian and getting large releases in the first few minutes.  Jim asked someone from the audience put their hands on the horse, looking for the subtle signs of where the horse may be holding tension, I found really intriguing.  I was not aware until then how subtle the clues may be.  I also found that anyone can do it, which was exemplified by the audience participation.   I obtained my certification in July, 2016.


While practicing this method, I became aware that I felt the energy shift in my body about the same time the horse was releasing.  I am aware of where the energy in the horse flowed and moved through.  During a session, you may notice me wiggling a hand, twitching a leg or moving my behind, pending where the energy shifted. 
I picked up a Tallgrass Acupressure book many years ago.  I am not sure I was ready for all the information in it, as Traditional Chinese Medicine, sounded like a foreign language.  In 2016, acupressure was on my radar and I fully embraced all the information provided by Tallgrass Institute.  Gaining an understanding of the various meridians and specific point functionality and energetics. 


My current horse has been a great educator as different circumstances would crop up, swelling and heat here and there and edemas.   Seeing the concerns early, I tried acupressure and found in typically within 2 days, the concern had resolved itself.  I was able to learn from the Tallgrass founders; Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow, whom helped me with the subtleness of the acupressure and understanding meridans are flowing more consistently. 
As a continuing education through Tallgrass, I attended a Tui Na class for equines.  This course concentrated on specific massage techniques to aid in moving energy along meridians and using acupressure points.   We practiced the techniques on each other and were able to feel how effective these techniques are.  

Tui Na Massage